Miracle Flights for Kids Flies Children to the Treatment They Need

A great many who have benefited from the work done by Miracle Flights for Kids refer to the great people who work with the organization as “Miracle Makers,” and there is a good reason for that. For families who lack the means to afford the airfare they need to get their child to whatever medical help they need, they are performing what seems to be a miracle, after all.

Since its founding in 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has one purpose; to make sure children who need specialized medical care and other life-supporting options can get to the help they need, regardless where it is located. Because the folks at Miracle Flights for Kids believe strongly that no one should be prevented from getting the help they need, they work in a compassionate way to make sure they are seen as a trusted partner in the healing process. They don’t just care about the families of sick children; they feel a kinship to the communities they serve, as well as to those who donate to make these flights possible. Miracle Flights for Kids will fly any child who qualifies, along with two parents or guardians, to wherever they need to go in order to receive treatment, follow-up care or to get a second opinion. The Miracle Makers are doing what they can for as many as possible.

Miracle Flights For Kids: 30 Years Of Help

For more than 30 years now, Miracle Flights for Kids has helped sick children and their families to fly to the healthcare they so desperately need. It is a vital service that few people ever really consider until they have need of it. The organization has flown more than 100,000 charitable flights for sick children, which is an incredible number representing more than three decades of investment.

Miracle Flights for Kids is no small organization, having to coordinate flights from all over the country. They are also a transparent organization, offering access to their finances openly on the front page of their website, where anyone can easily access them. This is the hallmark of an organization which wants its donors to know that their money is being handled correctly.

From Vision to Reality – Miracle Flights for Kids

When one looks at an organization, especially a nonprofit one, the vision needs to be clear. One can clearly see the vision of Miracle Flights for Kids in their actions and words through their ads. The vision is simple: to assist children and families that are in need of specialized care that is far from their homes. When it was founded by Ann Mcgee, this vision became a reality. And the hard work and efforts of the Miracle Flights for Kids team has continued to help this organization thrive. From thousands of donors and volunteers across America, low income children now have a way to reach the medical care professionals they need.

Flying for a Miracle

They are truly sad statistics, but at any given time, as many as 30 million Americans have been hit with some sort of rare disease that either shortens their life or alters it in some profound way. Unfortunately for many families, half of these sick Americans are children. A great many of whom will fail to live long enough to enjoy their fifth birthday.
Since 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has become one of the most important charitable organizations in the country. They have long been established as the most important nonprofit health and welfare flight organization in the country.

This is a tragedy that affects whole families and it can often be mitigated with proper treatment. However, sometimes, the treatment or second opinion that might help is hundreds or even thousands of miles away and the family may not have the means to buy a plane ticket. Over the course of more than 30 years, have provided the financial assistance needed to provide medical flights to seriously ill children who need them to get the life-altering or life-saving medical care they need. With the help of Miracle Flights for Kids, many children get help from medical experts and second opinions that save lives.

Miracle Flights for Kids – A Company Worth Investing In

There have been many cases in which children from low income demographics are not able to access the healthcare they need because of the cost of traveling to the facilities offering the care. There was and still is a great need for children and families to have access to specialized medical care in regards to travel and that is the exact reason Miracle Flights for Kids was founded and the reason it continues to run today, because the need still exists. These families needed help and Miracle Flights for Kids has worked hard to provide that assistance through the organization and coordination of flights for these children. These flights significantly improve the children’s and their family’s lives and makes Miracle Flights for Kids worth investing in.

The Mission and Vision for Miracle Flights for Kids

Founded in 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has become the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization. There are few companies of its kind that is designed especially for low income families as a way to help their children that need more specialized care to reach the doctors that can provide that specialized care. Their mission is to improve access to health care by assisting with part of a financial burden for low income children that need to utilize commercial air travel in order to receive special medical care. This means that families that would otherwise have to suffer, now have a resource for help. They also make it a priority to promote awareness of their services through their targeted outreach programs and work hard to enlist the help of community-minded people through their strategic calls to action marketing.

One can clearly see the vision of Miracle Flights for Kids in their actions and words through their ads and that vision is simple: to assist children and families that are in need of specialized care that is far from their homes. This vision became a reality by the hard work and efforts of Miracle Flights for Kids founder Ann McGee. From thousands of donors and volunteers across America, low income children now have access to reach the medical care professionals they need and volunteers have a way to help a worthy cause.

Miracle Flights For Kids’ Mission Statement

As stated in the Miracle Flights for Kids mission statement, the organization also focuses immensely on awareness and education through targeted outreach programs. Without knowledge of the charity, children everywhere will still go without much-needed care. Without insight into the availability into programs such as Miracle Flights for Kids, families will continue searching locally and regionally for specialized services for their sick children rather than turning to established charities that can provide aid at low or no cost. By making the promotion of services awareness a significant priority — noted prominently in the charity mission — Miracle Flights for Kids continually ensures that more and more individuals hear their call-to-action, their positive stories and testimonials, their goals and their desire to assist as many children as possible who truly need their help and assistance each and every day. Only through regular comprehensive, targeted awareness campaigns can awareness continually be attained by a wider audience — an audience also necessary for increased donations and volunteerism, both necessary components for the ever-growing needs of the charity. Sharing information about the capabilities of Miracle Flights for Kids is almost as vital as the good works accomplished by the nonprofit.