As stated in the Miracle Flights for Kids mission statement, the organization also focuses immensely on awareness and education through targeted outreach programs. Without knowledge of the charity, children everywhere will still go without much-needed care. Without insight into the availability into programs such as Miracle Flights for Kids, families will continue searching locally and regionally for specialized services for their sick children rather than turning to established charities that can provide aid at low or no cost. By making the promotion of services awareness a significant priority — noted prominently in the charity mission — Miracle Flights for Kids continually ensures that more and more individuals hear their call-to-action, their positive stories and testimonials, their goals and their desire to assist as many children as possible who truly need their help and assistance each and every day. Only through regular comprehensive, targeted awareness campaigns can awareness continually be attained by a wider audience — an audience also necessary for increased donations and volunteerism, both necessary components for the ever-growing needs of the charity. Sharing information about the capabilities of Miracle Flights for Kids is almost as vital as the good works accomplished by the nonprofit.